It’s time to say eNOugh.

Abuser Intervention Programs

Abuser treatment programs are designed to rehabilitate those who have repeatedly used violence toward their intimate partners and/or family members. In order to benefit from an intervention program, offenders must sincerely desire to change their harmful conduct and learn new patterns of behavior management for the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of those around them.

Re-education is the primary tool to successfully alter an offender’s future actions. Re-education programs commonly teach abusers to be able to:

  • Be able to identify examples of their own abusive behaviors
  • Acknowledge and take responsibility for the negative effects of their abusive words and actions on others
  • Recognize the personal belief systems that contributed to their pattern of abusing others
  • Identify personal, mental and physical cues that preceded their own violent words or actions
  • Define and embrace social norms based on gender equality
  • Comprehend the dynamics of healthy relationships
  • Demonstrate ways to handle disagreements without using choosing to abuse others

In order to prevent future violent or harmful actions, abusers need education and rehabilitation. While their actions may make them less sympathetic figures than those they have abused, intimate partner violence will not end until this side of the equation is adequately addressed.

For contact information for the abuser treatment program in or near your county, visit: North Carolina Council for Women and Youth Abuser Treatment Program