Make your first impression!

During the first few weeks of classes, welcome week activities take place on college campuses! 

From student group fairs to class registration, students arrive on campus with an energy unique to college welcome week. As campus service providers, welcome week activities serve as an opportunity to connect with students, share resources and build relationships that will continue throughout the school year. Outlined below are ideas that may be helpful for service providers to consider to improve their outreach efforts and student focused prevention campaigns at the beginning of the academic year. 

Ideas To Explore

Consider partnering with senior leadership to release a Welcome Letter to new and returning students

When implementing web-based prevention and bystander intervention programs, consider these best practices

Consider creating an easy to read one pagers for students to understand protocol on your campus

Brainstorming with faculty that coordinate new student orientation classes or human services departments on lecture opportunities 



Collaboration with NCCADV 

If you are interested in further information on how NCCADV can assist campuses in conducting programming on preventing intimate partner violence, contact Taylour Johnson, Campus Services Specialist.